The Making of Myst Episodes

Follow our You Tube Page and get an up close and personal, behind the scenes perspective of what takes place from the start of the Myst Carnival season … all the way up to Carnival Monday & Tuesday. Episode I show behind the scenes footage the photo and video shoot that precedes the band launch.

The Launch Weekend Continued

The 2017 Bar Crawl series kicked start with a ONE BAND, ONE BEACH, and ONE LIME crawl to Millers by the Sea (Fort James). Hundreds turned out for the inTENse vybe which lasted way into night. This concluded the launch of Season 10

The Premiere of Season X

There was a Hollywood styled red carpet entrance to a ‘Welcome Cocktail’ where dignitaries, guests and Mystics were interviewed. The Myst movie began at exactly 10:00pm across two cinemas and was  followed by the 4D Season 10 presentation of costumes. A great start to Season X.

Capitol Opening Hours

Take note of the Capitol hours for May 2016. Opening hours are as follows:

Thursdays – Fridays 
5PM – 8PM

2PM – 8PM



Capitol at New Location

We have moved to a new and and improved Capitol. We are now located on Upper North Street (formerly Paradise Fitness).Our contact numbers and handles are still the same 268-464-4MAS / 268-464-4FUN .

Beach Crawl Season : Charades

This is a Beach crawl with a twist! Each bus will have a team comprised of 4 to 6 persons and at one of the stops they will participate in a Charades competition. Each team will receive their information at the Capitol before we Move off!

Bus passes are $30!

Get your teams ready! Win Great prizes! Be early! Bring your team spirit!

We are meeting at the Capitol at 1pm and we mmove off at 2pm Sharp!
#Mystocracy #myst9 #BeachCrawl

Mobile Innovations

We keep finding ways to enhance your experience. Here is the latest one : Download the new Myst Carnival App for Andriod and stay connected.